Peace, Stability : Traditional Rulers Pledge Support

This was during a purification ceremony which took place on Sunday in Douala.

Traditional rulers from the Littoral converged on the banks of river Wouri on Sunday August 4 to implore the ancestors to bring peace back to Cameroon. The purely traditional ceremony was made up of speeches from the Focal Point for the National Peace Caravan by traditional rulers, the chairman of the National Coordination of the peace caravan and a representative of all the chiefs of the Littoral region, followed by the purification ceremony proper.
In his opening remarks; the Chairman of the peace caravan who also happens to be the chief of Batchenga; said Cameroon is sick as the country is facing attacks from Central African rebels in the East region, Boko Haram in the Far North and there is crisis in the two English speaking regions, hence the decision by the traditional rulers to intervene and sue for peace. ‘Blood spilled needs purification”, said a message that was re-echoed by the focal point and the representative of the Douala chiefs who in turn called on Cameroonians to shun war and make peace, avoid tribalism, hate speech and work to consolidate the one and indivisibility of Cameroon.
The purification proper was done away from public view inside a makeshift hut constructed for the purpose after which the ‘ritualists’ came out with a mystical clay pot with herbs on it. The man carrying the mystical pot stood in the middle while the chiefs surrounded him and they made some incantations banishing the spirit of war from our midst and urging the ancestors to restore peace. It is worthy to mention that the ceremony was attended by a delegation of chiefs from the Centre Region and chiefs from all the four Divisions of the Littoral Region. At the end of the ceremony, the sawa chiefs handed over a mystical pot to the chairman of the National Coordination for the peace caravan which they say he will have to take along with him in his tour of the country so that the traditional rulers from the different Regions of the country can add their own to it.
After the Littoral; the peace caravan moves next to the East and West Regions where a similar ceremony is expected to take place on August 17.  



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