Civil Status Registration : Modernisation Process On Course

The objective is to improve the entire system of civil status registry in Cameroon.

The modernisation of the civil status registry for a better preservation of data remains the priority of the National Civil Status Registration Office (BUNEC). It is against this backdrop that the outfit on August 02, 2019 held a first committee session of the Project for the Improvement of Civil Status in Cameroon for an Active Citizen, abbreviated PASECA with the financial support of the 11th European Development Fund (FED) from the European Union. The first session of PASECA was attended by partners and presided at by the Director General of BUNEC, Alexandre Marie Yomo. PASECA has the mission of modernising civil status registration by making access to data on the information of citizens readily available for administrators and individuals.  
In his opening remarks, the Director General outlined the objectives of the project and its expected outcomes, stating that the strategic rehabilitation plan intends to improve access to civil status services by the population. “We are seeking to improve service offer and ensure that we conform to national and international norms as regards civil status and improving coordination within actors in the sector,” he stated. 
Alexandre Marie Yomo stated that three components have been identified to better realise the expected outcomes within the defined timeframe. He cited communication and sensibilisation as the first measure to be enhanced with the objective of ensuring a better understanding on the knowledge and stakes in the civil status registration process. The second component is improving civil status services in Cameroon. This component envisages three results: improving the capacity of actors, improve the functioning and come up with better methods in safeguarding civil status data,” he stated.  Superior coordination of different actors and partners involved in modernising the civil status process, the Director General stated, is the third component.  



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