Martial Art & Wrestling Sports : Stakeholders Highlight Health Measures

A workshop to that effect took place at the Yaounde multipurpose sports complex on August 3, 2019.

They all agreed, sports medicine is of great importance to wrestlers. The assertion was made during an event organized by the Cameroon Diaspora Association for Martial Arts and Wrestling Sports (ADCAMSC). It aims at promoting the martial art and wrestling sports in the country and providing aid to Cameroonian athletes participating at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The event brought together 14 martial arts and wrestling sport disciplines such as : karate, taekwondo, nanbudo, swordplay and bachikido just to name a few.  
The medic noted that, for a good performance, a good health condition is needed. In this light, sports doctors invited at the forum highlighted measures to take in case of the occurrence of injuries. They explained that the best tools existing in Cameroon now are medical imagery and echography. Dr Jacques Omgba, a sports medic, disclosed that the medical imagery gives a detail view of the spinal cord. In addition to it, the echography brings a lot of help to athletes. “Through it, we can identify all the muscles, muscular and sinew organs of the body,” explained the sports doctor. He used the occasion to invite sports federations to have a sport’s medic. “They will play the role of consultants and dress up the medical profile of athletes. Also, they will make a medical survey of the athletes which will permit them to know the capabilities and limits of the athletes or wrestlers” explained Dr Joseph Mvondo, a sports medic.
The forum closed with a parade and performance of the 14 disciplines. The best athletes of each discipline dressed in the discipline’s attire demonstrated the traits of the sport. This was under the appreciation of the organizer Alex Ndem in the presence of Chinese, Japanese and South Korean Ambassadors. 



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