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2020 Olympic Games:Japan Ready To Host Cameroon

A reception in prelude to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo took place in Yaounde on Thursday, August 8, 2019.

Olympic and Paralympic games will return to Tokyo, Japan, next year. Tokyo hosted the games for the first time in 1964. It was only a decade since Japan had experienced the catastrophe of the World War II. For Cameroon it was also a memorable game as it was their first participation in Olympic Games. It is in this light that the Japanese Embassy granted a reception in prelude to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games in Yaounde on Thursday August 8, 2019.

Speaking at the occasion, the Japanese Ambassador to Cameroon, Tsutomu Osawa said Japan will organise safe, secured, comfortable and attractive games so that people all over the world would get to know more about the values of Japan such as Japan’s high technology and cultural appeal. He said Japan has set up a programme called “Sports for Tomorrow” for the Tokyo 2020 Games and promoted an international contribution through sports initiative jointly implemented by public and private sectors. Tsutomu Osawa recalled that in 2011 Japan had a severe disaster due to a great earthquake followed by a gigantic Tsunami and over 15,000 people were killed. He said thanks to the support and encouragement from Cameroon and from all over the world Japan was able to move forward step by step towards recovery. The Tokyo 2020 Games will therefore be an opportunity for Japan to convey a message of gratitude to the world and for the people to see how Japan has well recovered from an unprecedented catastrophe.

The Ambassador assured that Japan will show the best hospitality to Cameroon during the games and expressed the wish that many Cameroonian athletes will participate in the Olympic Games. The audience also watched a projection of Cameroon’s participation in the Olympic Games. The event took place in the presence of members of government, the diplomatic corps and actors of the Cameroon sports movement.



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