Free Health Campaign In Buea : Army Treats Patients 

Those with cases that need follow-up will continue receiving medical assistance at the Mamfe Military Hospital.

The 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade with head office in Buea has taken health care to the people of Ishobi village in Manyu Division, South West Region. For two days, (August 16 & 17, 2019), the health department of the Brigade consulted 300 patients, provided them with drugs and counseling on how to manage their health. Colonel Dr. NsangouMoun Abdel Nasser, Chief Medical Officer of Mamfe Military Hospital outlined that they consulted patients on malaria, typhoid, diabetes and hypertension among others and provided the patients with drugs. The medics equally did HIV voluntary screening. All the medical services conducted and provided in Ishobi village were free and those that need follow-up will receive such assistance at the Mamfe Military Hospital still for free. Shetu Amadou, one of the medical personnel in an interactive approach counseled the villagers on individual and collective hygiene. She also educated the villagers on water purification method while outlining the various steps to follow. Water purifying tablets were handed to them. Colonel Eyenga Severin, Commandant of the 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade, indicated that the medical exercise is meant to strengthen the links between the Army and the population. With the health care, the Military stated that their goal is to ensure that the population is healthy so that they can easily go about their daily activities. That the outdoor medical exercise is contained in a programme given to them by the hierarchy. The 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade had carried the same free medical exercise in Kupe Muanenguba and Fako Divisions and now in Manyu Division.

Colonel Eyenga said that the free medical exercise will continue to other parts of the region. One of Ishobi’s Village elders, Ebai Nchamawu Joseph, who spoke on behalf of his community expressed gratitude to the Military for coming to their assistance. According to him, the free medical provision had greatly assisted them especially the have-not in their village. He appealed to the gov’t through the First Assistant SDO for Manyu, Emmanuel Banla Kisob, that Ishobi Health Centre destroyed by armed gun men be rehabilitated and put into full use. The medical exercise that took place at Government Primary School Ishobi and Ishobi Health Centre assembled patients from neighbouring villages.



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