After GCE/BAC Results : Dilemma Over Further Study Choices

Most successful students are at a crossroad not knowing what to do or study after high school.

After the publication of the 2019 General Certificate of Education (GCE) and Baccalaureat examinations results, the euphoria experienced amongst successful students has died down. Now is time to make purposeful decisions on which their future and career will entirely depend. From findings, some students already know what they will study at the higher education level. However, others are contemplating on the way forward while a few due to financial constraints may not further their education.

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Joffi Magdeline M, is one of the successful candidates at the 2019 GCE examination. She is certain about what she wants to become in the future. That is a lawyer. As such, she has opted to read Law at the University of Buea. It is same with her sister who wants to become health personnel. In this light, she is going to continue her studies at a private professional health institute. Tatiana Mepiadem is also a successful candidate at this year’s Baccalaureat examination. Without a second thought, she is certain about what to read in a professional private institute in Yaounde.

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But all is not smooth for some successful candidates as they are still to make a decision on their future. While a majority are opting for professional studies, like Tatiana Mepiadem, others do not yet know where to study or what to read in the university. Due to family pressure, some are left confused on how to further their studies. “I am still confused because my primary choice was to go to a professional school but due to family pressure, I may not. I will probably read Anthropology in the university,’’ explained Amah Sylvie Amie, an Advanced Level holder from Government Bilingual Practicing High School (GBPHS) Yaounde. Another student, Nnane Leticia Lombe is still very confused as to what to do with the four papers she obtained at the GCE Advanced Level. Leticia does not know if she should go to the University of Buea and study Journalism and Mass Communication or attend a professional institution. For some, the post-result period has brought unexpected mix-up and total distraction as they are now opened to a bigger world with so many hardships, having little or no choice. Kayi Sidoline of GBPHS Yaounde highlighted: “I would have loved to go to the higher teachers training college but right now, I am yet to make up my mind. I might continue schooling just as I may not. My main task is to raise enough money that can sponsor me in school. If I cannot, then I will choose the option of engaging in any job to make some money before making the final decision on that,’’ she explained.

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