South West : Serenity Now Reigns In Buea

The Mayor under the supervision of the regional Governor ensured that all business premises were opened yesterday and denizens went about their activities unperturbed.

As of yesterday, September 4, 2019, denizens of Buea went about their daily activities unperturbed and businesses were booming in the town. This follows Buea Council resolve to see that no institution is shut down in the municipality in the face of what many now call lockdown in the North West and South West Regions. Beginning from 9 am, Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge led the Buea Council staff through the streets of Buea Town, Bokwango, Clerk Quarters, Great Soppo, Molyko and the Mile 17 Bus Station where they ensured that all business premises were opened and operational. The activities were supervised by South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai and the region’s top administrators.

Ekema Patrick explained to the press that while secessionists who are in the forest are preaching lockdown, they municipal officials who lived in their houses in the city are ensuring that life moves on very normal and that they have been on it for three weeks now. The campaign to have all businesses operational in Buea, he said, is part of efforts to have a free back-to-school in the municipality. “Without these business places open, the pupils and students that we are campaigning to go back to school will not see the effervescence and will lack zeal if the atmosphere looks tense. If life in the city is comfortable and accommodative then learners would find every reason to go back to school just like the parents would find every reason to send their children to school knowing that there is life in the city,” the mayor made it clear.

The Buea Council however sealed some shops whose owners were not available to open them up. According to Ekema Patrick, the Buea Council will only come back to that page, which has been covered, in January 2019 when they shall begin the new financial year. The Buea Council has stationed staff in the entire municipality to guarantee that all businesses remain open. The mayor is calling on the population of Buea to remain calm and void fake news while relying on the truth and institutions of the State. On school resumption in Buea Municipality, the mayor noted that it was too early to evaluate performance and participation rate given that school started last Monday. But he was optimistic that they are on the right path.



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