Arts, Culture Sub-sector : For Consolidation of Peace, Harmonious Living Together

The Prime Minister chaired the opening ceremony of the celebration of the fourth edition of the National Artistic and Cultural Season Relaunch in Yaounde on September 10, 2019.

Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute representative of the Head of State, Paul Biya has enjoined artists and men and women of culture to support the Head of State in the efforts to build a just, prosperous society, as well as work to promote national unity, tolerance, peace and harmonious living together. This is because, “We believe that arts and culture is at the centre of our construction of national unity and national integration,” he said.

He spoke at the National Museum esplanade in Yaounde on September 10, 2019 as he chaired the official opening ceremony of the celebration of the fourth edition of the National Artistic and Cultural Season Relaunch (RECAN) that will run up to October 1, 2019 in all the 10 Regions of Cameroon. Placed under the patronage of the Head of State, Paul Biya, the event is taking place on the theme, “Contribution of the Arts and Culture sub-sector for the constant consolidation of Peace, Unity and Harmonious living together for an emergent Cameroon.”

The Prime Minister told the artists and men of culture that, “we must fight all what threatens our unity”. The call was in consideration of the context of the celebration, which the Prime Minister said was characterised by unrest of various types in the world. He said the event should help them to reaffirm their determination to promote living together, merit, hard work and excellence. The Prime Minister congratulated the seven artists on whom he on behalf of the Head of State pinned medals ranging in descending order of importance from the Commander of the National Order of Valour, Officer of the National Order of Valour to Knight of the National Order of Valour. They were decorated for winning international Literacy and Cinematographic prizes.

The Minister of Arts and Culture, Bidoung Mkpatt said that by patronising the event, the Head of State showed his high esteem to artists, men of culture and the entire Arts and Culture Subsector in general. He used the opportunity to announce reforms in gestation in the ministry that will address the challenges faced by the artists and ensure their better working conditions. The representative of the artists, Ama Djaili Amadou congratulated those who were awarded medals representing national homage paid to artists and men of culture. She said arts and culture were the foundations of living together in Cameroon and stated the role of artists in promoting values that promote the image of the country. She called on them to massively support the initiative of the Minister of Arts and Culture for them to be united.

The Prime Minister, other national and international dignitaries left the National Museum with a clear picture of Cameroon’s artistic and cultural potentials. The potentials were first showcased during the caravan and secondly during the visit to the exhibitions stands that have 23 exhibition galleries on various animations, artistic and cultural productions per discipline. Besides the various musical interludes that represented the four cultural zones of Cameroon, the joint Choir of the Universities of Bamenda and Buea also displayed celebrating national unity and living together



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