Fatherly Move

In All forms of problem-solving, no matter the degree of tension, a fatherly approach to the task at hand is vital.

Before the several appeals for dialogue in the handling of the ongoing socio-political crisis affecting the North West and South West regions started flooding the press and other mediation fora, many people had been wondering why the Cameroon Head of State had not addressed the nation on such a burning issue concerning the security and unity of the State. Some even thought that the Cameroon Head of State might have classified it a none event. They were mistaken. President Paul Biya in his unpredictable style of reaction to events he confronts in administration, was taking his time to act after reflection and concertation.

Time devoted to this phase of problem-solving is never time wasted provided the right decisions in the interest of the masses are taken. In the face of the issues at hand and the rationale of prudence, the importance of wisdom, intelligence and political experience cannot be undermined.

In his address to the nation, Tuesday evening, President Biya proved to fellow Cameroonians and the international community that like other citizens of this beloved country, he had been very concerned with the disturbing issues that triggered the strike action which degenerated into the ongoing socio-political crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

That is why he effected the redress measures that were not only appreciated by the professionals concerned, but also by those who wanted to see the strike action by Common Law lawyers and teachers ended and peace reigning.

However, in the face of the ongoing socio-political crisis that has resulted in the loss of life and property, the crippling of our economy and tarnishing of the image of Cameroon, it is expedient to dialogue at national level and seek solutions to what threatens our unity and development. President Biya made clear his commitment when he said, “since the outbreak of the crisis, I have spared no effort with the help of Cameroonians of good will in seeking ways and means for its peaceful resolution.”

With this declaration, the Cameroon Head of State assured Cameroonians of his determination to see that the disturbing issues concerning Cameroon are handled with care and redressed. More assurance emerged when he said, “I intend to work relentlessly with all the sons and daughters of our country towards the challenges we are facing in order to improve the welfare of our population” What a commitment!

This improvement and welfare, we know, can only be assured if there is peace in the country. And, Cameroon cannot boast of this peace if any of its ten regions are in turmoil because of socio-political disturbances. It was therefore no surprise to many that in his special address to the nation, the President announced the holding of a national dialogue which will be chaired by the Prime Minister / Head of Government. To the joy of Cameroonians and their well wishers, this national dialogue will bring together a wide range of personalities: Parliamentarians, politicians, opinion leaders, intellectuals, traditional and religious authorities, economic operators and members of the Diaspora. What a concern to give fellow citizens a chance to talk in love and frankness the important issues concerning their unity and progress!

With this opportunity, participants at this national dialogue that is expected to come up to the end of this month of September should aim at doing full justice and genuine service to this country by coming to the forum with the patriotic spirit that yields the truth in all understanding, love, equity, and sense of unity that prevents the kind of scenario that has robbed us of the political pride we have enjoyed since 1961.

Fortunately, patriotic Cameroonians appreciate the fruits of unity and peace would work hard in respect of the deadlines for an important come together in the interest of our beloved country, Cameroon.



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