Maiden Visit of General Manager : SIC Residents Expose Difficulties

This was during a visit of the General Manager of SIC in Douala from the 12-14 of September.

The general manager of the Cameroon Real Estate Corporation Dr. Ahmadou Sardaouna was in Douala from the 12-14 of September 2019 to meet with the occupants of the corporation houses so as to get their worries and seek solutions. The Cameroon Real Estate Corporation known by its French acronym as SIC, has constructed houses that were either sold or rented out to some Cameroonians. Over the years, the houses have degraded and the new general manager is bent on ensuring that its occupants find comfort in the houses once more. Be it at the SIC houses in Cite de Palmiers, Makepe, Kotto and Bonamoussadi, inhabitants decry the high rate of insecurity, poor electricity connection that can lead to electrocution, delay in the rehabilitation of the houses by SIC officials, poor drainage and waste disposal systems just to name a few.

At each stop the general manager of SIC Dr. Ahmadou Sardaouna assured the occupants of government’s determination to ensure that they live well. He said, his field visit was to meet with the inhabitance and get first hand information on their challenges and difficulties. He gave them the go ahead to carryout minor repairs while channeling the major ones to the SIC regional delegation in the Littoral. He equally advised them to form association so that as a community they can handle some of their worries and live together in harmony.

Dr Ahmadou Sardaouna did not minced words when he warned them on letting out SIC houses to others and acting as landlords without the knowledge of SIC. He said perpetrators of such acts will be brought to book. He advised those involved to desist and follow the right procedure. He assured the inhabitance that rehabilitation and repairs works will start in the weeks ahead and other difficulties highlighted will be looked into. Been his first outing to the Littoral region after his appointment as General Manger of SIC, Dr. Ahmadou Sardaouna also took time off to meet with the contractors of the SIC houses in Mbanga Bakoko, while there, contractors complaint of nonpayment which makes it difficult for them to proceed with construction works. They said for the past two years they have used personal money in the construction which is yet to be refunded. Workers also complaint of constantattacks by thieves. To all theses, the General Manger promised to look into it in the nearest future.



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