Pedagogic Days : Teachers Sharpen Skills On New Curricula

Primary school teachers in the Centre Region have ended a two-day workshop in this light.

What is Competence Based Approach (CBA)? How can we evaluate pupils through observation or using the broad sheet and the report card? How can teachers be children-friendly? These questions and many others have come under examination as nursery and primary school teachers in the Centre Region gathered for their pedagogic workshop which just ended in the Mfoundi Division
The Basic Education Coordination Inspector for Teaching in the Centre Region, Leonie Yamdjeu says with the new pedagogic curriculum which focuses on competence, a score of teachers in the nursery and primary sector took two days to understand how to teach and develop competence within pupils from the new curricula. The curricula are not only limited to knowledge gained by pupils but what they can do with what they have learned in class. Leonie Yamdje said it is now a more practical approach in the learning process with pupils at the centre and teachers as supervisors.
A teacher of Government Bilingual Primary School, Ekounou II, Yaounde, Peter Njenji, said with the new curricula, the way of writing lesson notes has been renovated. “No lengthier lesson notes as it was the case before,” he noted. Reducing the lesson notes to three stages, Peter Njenji underscored, will encourage and cause teachers to prepare lesson notes frequently. Talking about the CBA, Peter Njenji said they will not only test children from a written test. Henceforth, the character of pupils will be evaluated through observation. This cannot only be done in the classrooms as some classes have 95 pupils. As such, teachers will observe pupils in and out of the school premises. “The essence of the new curriculum is that no child should repeat a class,” Peter Njenji underlined. 
The report card is being used only at the end of the term to grade pupils. But, because pupils cannot be evaluated only at the end of the term, the broad sheet is being used by teachers each week to do such evaluation in the pupil’s school books, so that parents can also appreciate the work of their children and help them where there is need.  Another teacher, Flaure Sonkeng, of the Nkolndongo Primary School said she has grasped knowledge on how to use the attitude chart to evaluate pupil’s behaviour towards their mates and how they cooperate in group work. This is to enable pupils to be good citizens in future and how to live together with others no matter the culture. 



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