Algeria Elections : Abdelkader Declares Candidature

The former tourism minister made the announcement during a regional meeting of the Shura Council.

The President of the El Bina Movement, Abdelkader Bengrina has announced his candidacy for the December 12, 2019 presidential election in Algeria. He is the first to make public his intention since the convening of presidential election by the interim President of the Republic, Abdelkader Bensalah.
Speaking during the council meeting, Mr. Bengrina said he is determined to stand as candidate for the next presidential election because he wants to complete what the Algerian people started in their fight against corruption and restore trust between the people and the institutions of the country. He called on Algerians to mobilize in order to "build a new Algeria", which can only be achieved through honesty, patriotism and competence.
Abdelkader Bengrina was Minister of Tourism from 1997 to 1999 in a coalition government in which his former party, the Movement for Peace Society (MSP), the main Islamist party, took part. He then created in 2013 the El Bina Movement with other dissidents of the MSP. It is not the first time the former minister is expressing his wish to become president of Algeria. The first time he did was during the cancelled April 2019 presidential election. 
According to the Independent National Election Authority, fourteen candidates for the December 12 presidential election have withdrawn the individual signature application forms. Among the postulants are representatives of parties and independent candidates such as, Ali Benflis, chairman of the Talaïe El Houriet party, Ali Zeghdoud, president of the Algerian Rassemblement party (RA) and Mourad Arroudj, chairman of the party "Errafah".
The Independent National Election Authority headed by former Minister of Justice, Mohamed Chorfi, is responsible for receiving candidates’ files, validating, voting, counting, electoral disputes and announcement of provisional results. It is made up of 50 members.



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