“We Should Concretise Our Chances Upfront”

Victorine Fomum, football coach, assesses Cameroon's match against Egypt at the opening of the 2016 Women's AFCON in Yaounde on November 19 and the chances of the team.


Cameroon played the first match with a lot of pressure. That is why the spectacle was restrained in both teams. In the second match against South Africa, another competitive, excellent and accurate team, it is not going to be easy. This means both levels are going to be increased.

Cameroon which is one of the potential winners of the cup has to improve on her level of play, especially at the attack because they had a lot of scoring chances that they missed. We just hope that coach is going to help the players improve their last passes and movements on the field. For the attackers to be able to score, the midfield must be very present and active. Defensively, Cameroon was playing high because it needed those goals. From time to time, the Egyptians had the opportunity to get into our half of the filed.

Cameroon must be very careful after watching South Africa play with Zimbabwe. They made very long passes so we have to puncture their long passes by preparing the players for the developed interval passes. By doing that, we need to play block either median so that they don’t even come through. But block is not very good for us because they kick from afar.

Once we prevent them from kicking from afar and making the goal keeper to be very vigilant, I think we can have a chance. But then each second that we have we should be able to concretise it especially upfront.




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