Accommodating IDP : Over 30 Share Experiences

A meeting to understand their suffering and seek solution recently took place in Douala.

The Littoral region and Douala in particular is one of those localities hosting a good number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the troubled North West and South West regions. Where they live and what they do at the moment as well as how they cope with their new accommodation is a cause for concern. Against this backdrop a meeting to understand the plight of this category of people was organized by the Women International League for Peace and Freedom -WILPF and partners. The meeting was also to understand the root causes of conflict in Cameroon and how to solve them.

As explained by the president of WILPF Madam Sylvie Ndongmo, they are out to carry out a gender conflict analysis that they started in July this year. She said they have invited the IDPS to share their experiences so as to see how together they can improve their lives in their new areas of habitat. She said in other to solve conflicts it is necessary to understand the causes so as to look for lasting solutions. Madam Sylvie Ndongmo added that the project has taken them to the Far North, North West and South West regions to meet the people and get first hand information about their plight.

She was quick to add that the project is also to understand women’s role in conflicts, either as victims, actors or their contributions towards peace building. “We are also out to know they type of humanitarian assistance offered to the IDPs and see if it meets their needs. All these will help us make concrete proposals to our partners on how to make the situation better” she concluded. While sharing their experiences, some of them explained that they left their natural habitat without knowing where Douala was. “I came here and stayed in the park for three days before a lady from my tribe took me to her house” an IDP from Kumbo recounts. She said she was not comfortable where she is living but she hasn’t got a choice. “I sell at a bar in Douala at the moment to help feed myself and my three kids” Rose, an IDP from Boa, in Meme Division, from the South West region, explained



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