Marketing of Cameroonian Coffee : Baristas Learn Top Quality Brewing Techniques

The National Cocoa and Coffee Board is training the people who serve in modern coffee shops in order to boost the consumption of Cameroonian coffee.

Some 20 baristas from major coffee shops, hotels and restaurants which serve Cameroonian coffee in the city of Yaounde are undergoing training to perfect their craft. The two-day strategic training taking place at Maison du Café in Yaounde is organized by the National Cocoa and Coffee Board (NCCB) as part of its mission.
According to the Director General of NCCB, Michael Ndoping, the Board decided to organize the training following their disappointment after observing that coffee served in many joints were not of optimum quality. “We noticed that there has been an increase in the quantity of coffee roasted and ground locally. We did a little exercise by visiting coffee shops and supermarkets and realised that what was being served was not properly brewed,” Ndoping disclosed. 
Ndoping said the Board is poised to seeing into it that baristas serve only the best of Cameroonian coffee. He also noted that the training is going to be continuous and when the barista would have mastered their art, there could be a possibility of organizing a national competition for baristas. The Director General underscored the Board will continue its work towards the promotion of local consumption of the country’s commodities – cocoa and coffee.
One of the trainers, Kinji Pascaline, an expert barista with NCCB, told Cameroon Tribune the training exercise will be intensive and practical. “We are aware they have been preparing coffee before. It is not just to prepare coffee but to prepare good quality coffee,” she noted, adding that they will school the participants to be masters. As brewing techniques which will be taught to the baristas, she cited aspects related to the variety of coffee, the mixture or blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees which are typical of Cameroon, roasting and grinding of coffee beans, the type of machine used, as well storage.



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