Today’s Girl Child : Deviant Behaviours On The Rise

As the gov’t seeks ways to empower and educate girls for a brighter tomorrow, some of them have chosen to be wayward at their own detriment.

Gone are the days when the society told young girls, day-in, day-out that they are not good enough. Things have evolved and efforts from all stakeholders are focused on empowering and educating girls in the society. However, the results of such efforts are not 100 per cent positive. In the society today, the girl child is presented in different facets. There are the good and the bad grains. While some girls are focused on developing themselves with the little means at their disposal, a majority say “to hell” with whoever is trying to advise them on a better path in life. As such, they have resorted to wayward behaviours, dating men old enough to be their fathers and setting living standards above their means.  
In today’s society, one needs to be careful before addressing a girl whom he/she considers younger in age. It is usually shocking when someone calls a girl “little sister or young girl”, and she immediately responds: “I am not your younger sister or who is your younger sister?”  Worst still, is when you want to reproach them of their indecent attires or their poor attitude towards their seniors. It is sad to recount the manner some girls have decided to present themselves around, giving no room for ethics or moral values. As such, their contribution to an emerging nation becomes questionable.  
Many people admit moral and ethical values of young girls are deteriorating. Many parents have been dumbfounded with the physical looks and behavioural change of their daughters after leaving home for the University. Not only have many resorted to expensive hairdos and clothing, they barely take orders from their parents. Those who were sent to stay with relatives while attending university have done everything in their power to leave such homes for hostels, in a bid to have the liberty to do whatever they wish to.
A university student in Yaounde says it is not uncommon for a girl of between 18 and19 years to have many sexual partners, often even partners who share the same social group. She explains that most of her friends take alcohol; sleep with men they only met a couple of hours earlier unprotected, lie and deceive people. Come to think of the way these girls dress, at times one will think they are out for a strip-show. Not only do they wear shoes which barely enable them to walk, their artificial finger nails call for concern as they are so long making it impossible for them to even hold a pen properly.. 
On the occasion of the commemoration of the 2019 day of the girl child under the theme “Investing in the Education of Girl Child for an Equitable and Sustainable Emergence”, parents as well as guardians will join officials of the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment to brainstorm on the different problems impeding the progress of the girl child.



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