Eugenie Magbana : “Plumpy Nuts Saved My Children”

She almost lost two children to Severe Acute Malnutrition after giving birth to them during ill health.

And the children became severely malnourished because of little breast milk flow. But the prompt administration of Plumpy Nuts did the trick. Eugenie Magbana is not so sure if her two youngest children will be alive today. Were it not for the timely administration on each occasion of the ready-to-use therapeutic food, Plumpy Nuts. This gradually got the children out of Severely Acute Malnutrition, SAM, until their health was fully restored.    

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“I was sick at the time of giving birth both to Ahmadou Yannick and Marthe, resulting in very little breast milk flow. Not surprisingly, the children became severely malnourished,” explained Magbana. “But the introduction of Plumpy Nuts changed their situations for the better. Ahmadou Yannick, now just over five years, is already going to school. Marthe is one-year-old. Both of them are hale and hearty,” added Pabame Andre, head of Tourningal Integrated Health Centre.  

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“Since the beginning of pap enrichment demonstrations at home, I have seen a marked improvement in the health of my children,” Magbana admitted. However, she cannot always afford the groundnut paste included in enriched pap that is served to Marthe. Pabame explained that the area is largely pastoral – with few people involved in the cultivation of food crops.

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He commended the 17 Community Health Volunteers serving the heath centre for doing a great job by passing on the right information to the community. “They are so good and can sensitise on any subject during home visits,” Pabame said of the CHVs. 

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