Reducing Infant and Maternal mortality : Role of Midwives Emphasized

They have been encouraged to always be on the alert and to do their job well.

Curtains drop on Friday October 11 on the joint congress of medical doctors specialized in women’s and children health as well as gynaecologists with major emphasized placed on the role of midwives in delivery. Organized by the Inter-African Group of Study, Research and Application on Fertility known by its French acronym as GIERAF, Society of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians of Cameroon, SOGOC, and the Franco-Cameroonian Association for the Health of the Mother and the Child known as AFCASAME came to a conclusion that midwives are the pillars in obstetrics.

According to the president of SOGOC, Prof. Leke Robert, the gyneacologist cannot do without the midwives as they are the once that call the attention of the gynaecologist in difficult cases. He said they are at the centre in childbirth and have a major role to play to ensure that the mother and child survive during delivery. Prof. Leke Robert disclosed that they have signed a memorandum of understanding with the midwifery society in Cameroon so as to ensure that they work hand in hand in the reduction of infant and maternal mortality in Cameroon. For the president of AFCASAME, Dr. Clarisse Kingue- Ekollo, the midwife is at the front line in the fight against infant and maternal mortality, they are the once who follow up the women till delivery and received them during childbirth. A gynaecologist only comes in when there is a problem, she added. As a result Dr Clarisse Kingue- Ekollo holds that the midwife should always be on the alert to be able to pinpoint danger and call the attention of a Doctor. She made it clear that midwives were part of the joint congress and also received lessons on how to identify danger and save the life of the mother and the child



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