North West Region : Calm Slowly, But Surely Returning

The population is highly expectant in the aftermath of the Major National Dialogue, hoping that the content of the recommended Special status for the NW/SW should meet aspirations to fast- track return to normalcy

From the look of things, it is a calm and expectant North West region after the Major National dialogue, convened to discuss and give peace a chance in the North West and South West regions. Days after the event, recommendations are topical on the streets, offices and homes of Bamenda. A special status is on most lips with many scratching their hair to understand the concept which is new in the nation's administrative and political vocabulary. It is against this backdrop that North West Governor, Adolf Lele Lafrique has been mobilising the population to embrace dialogue table recommendations when endorsed by the Head of State. The subject features prominently in messages during the commissioning of newly appointed SDOs that started in Mbengwi, Momo Division on October 15th, 2019. A week earlier, the Governor featured an exchange of views with some Internally Displaced persons in Bamenda on their perception of the dialogue recommendations. He inspired them to prepare to acquaint with recommendations meant to quicken a return to normalcy like the rec...



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