Youth and Sports : 148 Laureates To Reinforce Youths Empowerment

A solemn diploma award ceremony took place yesterday in the presence of several government ministers.

In conformity with its training objectives as well as recycling of Sports and Physical Education personnel on one hand, of Youth, Animation, Leisure and Civic Education on the other hand, the National Institute of Youths and Sports (NIYS), yesterday, October 17, graduated its 41st batch of Senior Youth and Action Counsellors Diploma, baptised “Fatherland and Bravery”, 42nd batch of Sport and Physical Education Teachers Certificate christened “Work and Triumph”, 20th batch of Youth and Action Counsellors Diploma, named “Challenge and Greater Opportunities” and it’s 18th batch of Assistant Sports and Physical Education Teachers Certificate, baptised “Authenticity and Emergence”.

During the graduation ceremony at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex, co-presided at by the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo and the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, respectively academic, and technical guardians of the NIYS, the Director of the Institute, Edmond Ebal Minye, said through the ceremony, the school is putting at the disposal of the Public Service of the country, the Police and Armed Forces , the Republic of Chad , the civil society organisation and private structures, 148 laureates who were declared successful during the final phase of the 2018-2019 academic year with an overall success rate of 96.73 per cent. Besides the outstanding success rate, Edmond Ebal Minye said the specificity about the graduating batches lies in the fact that some of the graduates are destined for private structures and others to civil society organisations.

Different speakers took to the rostrum to laud the laureates and to urge them to be effective in carrying out their duties in reforming youths and reinforcing civic education in the society. Minister Fame Ndongo congratulated the triumphant entrance of the laureates into the ceremonial hall, dancing while upholding branches of the peace plant, which to him, were symbols of fraternity, diversity and the unity of the country. The Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, further called on the laureates to be professionals in dealing with the challenges of the society while upholding leisure and physical education as well as the civic responsibilities of each Cameroonian. Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi celebrated academic excellence, concretised by the Head of State’s actions in reinforcing sports complex nationwide.

The ceremony was an occasion for the NIYS to acknowledge and promote professional excellence via homage to Augustin Claude Essomba Tang, a senior Youth and Action Counsellor who greatly worked in developing the sports and physical Education, Youth, Animation, Leisure and Civic Education sectors in the country.



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