CHRACERH : Women Thank God In Prayers

A special thanksgiving mass took place at the hospital to exalt the Almighty for the gift of children.

“We came to the hospital in tears of sorrow. We are leaving in tears of joy. Glory be to God,” Lum Elisabeth Niba, told the congregation at the Saint Augustine Chapel of the Yaounde Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproductive Teaching Hospital (CHRACERH), yesterday October 20, 2019 as she and other women, came to thank God for the gift of children thanks to His Grace and the medical technology and expertise in the hospital. On behalf of the eight women who came to thank God, Lum Elisabeth Niba said they have been blessed into motherhood and they could not leave with their bundle of joy without thanking God and the entire staff of the hospital in a special way. 
Lum Elisabeth, aged 58, briefly recounted the day she entered the hospital from the North West Region, and how desperate she was in need of a baby. The love of God and the commitments from the staff of the hospital changed her story and that of her mates. Today, Lum Elisabeth and many others are grateful to God and thank particularly the Head of State and the First Lady, Chantal Biya for creating such a centre which is bringing joy to many families.  
During the church service which was carried out in English and French Language, the first reading was taken from the biblical book of Exodus 17; 8-13 and the second reading from the biblical book of 2 Timothy 14-4, 2. Preaching from the biblical book of Luke 18, 1-18 the officiating priest talked about the parable of prayer, humility and discipleship. The preacher said besides thanking God, the women always, ought to pray and not loose heart for God answers prayers and knows the needs of His Children. Besides praying, the women were also told to take actions of faith and rest in prayer as a group or family no matter their problems. 
The Parish Priest of the Chapel, Ft Louis Claude Mbarga, used the occasion to thank God for what He is doing in the hospital and what He is still to do for the hospital and those who have come to thank Him. During the service, the Grace of baptism was administered on baby Anahele Z. The Director General of the Hospital, Professor Jean Marie Kasia, said just like the women, he came to the mass in tears after the passing away of his mother, but was leaving the church service in joy because the message which focused on prayer has inspired him to be strong. He also used the children as a symbol of harmony and unity in the country especially given that the women were coming from all the 10 regions of the country.  



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