Paris Peace Forum : President Paul Biya In Attendance

The Head of State and wife, Chantal arrived the French capital yesterday November 10, 2019.

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Some world leaders including President Paul Biya of Cameroon are in Paris, France to reflect on ways of tackling the growing security challenges facing their countries and humanity as a whole. Meeting within the context of the Paris Peace Forum (PPF) at the behest of French President Emmanuel Macron, the hundreds of participants drawn from different segments of society across the world are out to discuss and propose innovative and practical solutions to the various forms of threats facing most communities today.  

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The special flight that had on board the Head of State and Wife Chantal Biya touched down at the VIP section of Aéroport du Bourget in Paris by 6 pm local time. 

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The meeting which will hold from tomorrow 12-13 November, 2019 north of Paris at a location called Grand Halle de la Villette qualified as an architectural masterpiece of the XIX Century French Civilisation, will see President Paul Biya and other high personalities seek multifaceted solutions to problems related to universal peace. President Paul Biya will take advantage of the gathering to articulate the position of Cameroon as a country that has seen its hitherto image of an oasis of peace in an unstable Africa perturbed for some time. He will also be expected to share his knowledge and vision of a peace crusader to others who are present in Paris for the forum. 

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The event initiated by President Emmanuel Macron is in its second edition. The first took place equally in November last year with focus on a number of issues concerning threats that are capable of rendering the wold more fragile. Problems identified during the last forum that are making world peace more illusive include: terrorism, economic crisis, ecological distortions, nuclear proliferation, and cyber criminality. The event last year also noted with dismay the resurgence of disturbing passions like racism, violent-nationalism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of extremist tendencies that cause instability at a global scale.

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The three-fold objectives of the PPF as observed by the French President at its inception centred around providing short, medium and long terms solutions to cases of instability recorded anywhere around the globe. Thus, the participants at the forum this year, like it was the case in 2018, are out to encourage national and international cooperation towards actions that promote peace as short term measure. While in the mid-term they want to identify, discuss, and foster concrete and innovative solutions to peace, as well as in the long run create workable standards and rules to tackle security hurdles. 

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Knowing the rule that governance can play in bringing about peace in most affected areas, the Paris Forum this year has earmarked an operational models whereby those who conceive peace related projects can work with decision-makers to make such ideas more feasible. Specific themes envisaged for discussion this year are among others; Peace and Security, Development, Environmental Protection, New Technologies, Economic Inclusion as well as Culture and Education.

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 The diverse nature of the topics has justified the invitation of actors from international organisations, non-governmental organisations, philanthropic organisations, and the business community to interact with world leaders on how best to make live worth living for those who feel threatened by insecurity in various parts of the world.

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