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“We Have Renewed Our National Judo Team”

Alain Christian Kingue Dihang, President of the Cameroon Judo federation.

A total of 24 countries with 118 athletes were in Cameroon. What is your assessment of the just-ended competition?
I feel happy. It was a difficult challenge because we had pressure on the organisation. It is a competition that we have been organising for the past three years. There is always pressure because we never know what will happen. Everything went well, we did our best and the different countries are happy and that is our worry because when the organisation is not good, countries are complaining it means the organisation has failed. There were no complaints but for some slight injuries which are common in the practice of the discipline and I think everything went well and the participants are happy. 
How do your evaluate the performance of Cameroonian athletes in the competition?  
I am satisfied. In 2017 we organised the Yaounde Open and were first. In 2018 our performance dropped and we won only two gold medals. This year we were able to move to the top spot with five gold medals. We could have won more gold medals but unfortunately we were also confronted with top quality adversaries. We are in a challenge and at times the result is unreliable because one cannot leave the house with 14 athletes and be sure that the 14 Cameroonian judokas will win 14 gold medals. The other countries spend millions to bring athletes and they are expecting to win as well. So, they are also well prepared. 



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