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North west : Caravan Strategises To Beat Security Challenges

North west Caravan Strategises To Beat Security Challenges

Security challenges, difficult terrains and the timelines of the mission featured prominently on November 18, 2019 during concertations between North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and team leaders of the North west peace caravan set to go explaining recommendations of the Major National dialogue to the grassroots.  North west team leader of the peace caravans, Christian Cardinal Tumi and collaborators raised concerns of insecurity with threats from unidentified persons spreading fear and threatening to jeopardize the crusade for peace in the region that has suffered violence, burnings, destructions, killings, kidnappings for ransom since three years. Difficult access to the field also featured with some roads dug and destroyed by unidentified persons. It also emerged that team members are set for the field empty handed because the content of the special status recommended for the North west and South west regions is still awaited. 
It emerged from the concertation that; the nation's defense and security forces are available with a comprehensive security guarantee for team members who were also advised to reconcile with themselves as apostles of peace. Launching the caravan in Bamenda on November 16, 2019, Christian Cardinal Tumi stressed the need for caravan members to be available and approach the  population with a tone that is gentle and appeasing . The Cardinal prescribed love of one another, the promotion of the rights and cultures of others and the need to avoid hate language towards a return to normalcy .
     Conceived and launched by the Prime Minister, Head of Government to preach peace and  keep the dynamism of the Major National dialogue, the North West peace Caravan is expected to talk peace, preach reason and tolerance on the field.




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