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Investiture of Candidatures on Electoral Lists : Parties Commended To Include Physically Challenged

Permitting the effective participation of the physically challenged in the respective lists, organisers hold, will contribute in accompanying Cameroon into modernity.

As legislative and municipal elections have been convened for February 9, 2020, political parties have been urged to include the physically challenged persons on their investiture lists. Sightsavers, an international organisation, on November 15, 2019 launched a sensitisation campaign in Yaounde urging political actors to considerably include these persons. During the launch, the Country Director, Dr.Joseph Enyegue Oye said the objective of the campaign is to raise awareness on the need for political actors to have persons with disabilities effectively participate in the political affairs of the country. “And more specifically, we will like persons with disabilities to be included on the investiture lists. A lot of them are already included as voters but we will also like them to be included as candidates. So, we are targeting political parties because they are the ones constituting the lists for members of the National Assembly and Municipal Councillors,” he explained.

Dr.Joseph Enyegue Oye stated that the initiative started as far back as 2010 and they have been working with Elections Cameroon on the inclusion of persons with disabilities in political processes. “In terms of persons with disabilities being registered as voters, we have made progress. But where we are still lacking is to have persons with disabilities effectively being voted into Parliament and as municipal executives,” he said.

The expected outcome of the campaign, the Country Director of Sightsavers explained, is to have political parties include persons with disabilities on their lists. We do not have any quota for now on the number or percentage of physically challenged persons to be included on the lists. Even if just one person with disability is voted into the National Assembly, and some at the municipal level, it is a good starting point and what we will say is that it is really a sign of modernity for Cameroon,”Dr Enyegue stated. He equally revealed that they have already written to political parties, bringing their attention on the inclusion of persons living with disabilities on their lists.



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