North West : Forgiveness Message Taken to Donga Mantung

Peace Caravan team member, Ngala Gerald on the field preaching peace, forgiveness, in Tabinken, Binka, Bih,Nkambe.

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From the look of things, Donga Mantung has taken the lead with the peace caravan received in some local communities since Monday October 19, 2019. While some Divisional team members in the North West Region are still scratching their hair with security challenges to deal with, the caravan is already on the streets and communities of Donga Mantung Division. In effect, Donga Mantung team member; Ngala Gerald took the Caravan’s message of peace and forgiveness to the neighbourhood villages of Tabinken and Binka on November 18, 2019. He told CT that the population that filed out were inspired to love one another, be repentant and reconciliatory among themselves because even those who took arms against the Republic have been forgiven. Ngala Gerald mobilized the population to rise against any thieves who seek to jeopardize social peace in the neighborhood in the pretext of fighting for any struggle.

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On day two of the Caravan’s outing on the field, Ngala Gerald spent November 19, 2019 with teachers, commercial motorcycle riders and students of all ages in professional schools in Nkambe town. The agenda of the caravan features meetings with traditional rulers and the Nkambe Drivers union today, away from outings in the neighbourhood communities of Binka, Bih etc. He has also programmed meetings with youth groups and the Nwarong secret society to appeal for strong messages to be delivered to ancestors for peace.

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