North West : CPDM Endorses Municipal, Legislative Candidates

Supervisory teams conduct pre-selection of CPDM candidates for the February 9, 2020 twin elections.

With the electorate having been convened for February 9, 2020 for the municipal and legislative elections, the governing Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, party, filed lists of candidates for the twin elections in the North West Region to the Central Committee on Thursday, November 21, 2019, meeting the party’s deadline. Members of the party interested in the positions declared their candidacies by submitting requisite documents as a major feature of the regional investiture meeting of the party chaired by the erstwhile Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, in his capacity as President of the Legislative Elections in the North West. Pre-selected candidates are expected to also declare their candidacies by deposition of complete files at ELECAM divisional branches for parliamentary elections and council branches for municipal elections by a deadline of November 25. Members of the pre-selection and nomination committee of CPDM candidates for the twin elections deployed to the region to select candidates for the electoral race, headed by the erstwhile Prime Minister for the legislative and Regina Mundi, who chaired the exercise for the municipal elections, were visibly upbeat that the party was gunning for a sweeping victory. They said they were careful that any family or village not accumulate positions of councillors, parliamentarian, senator or other administrative positions in order to promote the emergence of new political elite.The team privileged consensus in the selection of candidates for the upcoming elections. They sought to ensure that candidates were people of integrity and those who are enjoying some levels of popularity and capable of winning votes, as instructed by the party hierarchy during the launch of nomination operation of candidates of the party.

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