Ministry Of Finance : Budgetary Allocations At FCFA 56 Billion

Minister Louis Paul Motaze who defended the envelope says it will be used in pursuing the Ministry’s objectives for 2020.

Finance Minister, Louis Paul Motaze has defended the budgetary projections of the Ministry of Finance before the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly. He defended his draft budget of FCFA 56,383.899 billion and that of other sovereign State institutions on November 30, 2019 in the presence of the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Relations with the Assemblies, François Bolvine Wakata. His budgetary projections reveal a decrease of 10.26 per cent compared to the 2019 financial year. 
The Finance Minister said the budget has been carefully prepared in consideration of the actual realities of Cameroon. “We are very responsible in the government and we think that we are going to do it. Everybody knows the situation is quite difficult but what we have noticed is that despite the situation, the programme has been well conducted over the years, reason we are very optimistic,” he stated. 
Fours programme were presented by Minister Louis Paul Motaze for his ministry which include; mobilisation of non-oil revenue, management of the public treasury and monitoring of the financial sector, State budgetary management, and governance and institutional support.  For mobilisation of non-oil revenue, the Minister proposed FCFA 16,076.920 billion for attaining eight outlined action plans in the programme. State budgetary management according to his projections will take FCFA 10,289.885 billion while management of the public treasury and monitoring the financial sector requires FCFA 14,668.161 billion for the realisation of its objectives. Resources needed to implement the nine action plans of the governance and institutional support programme, Minister Motaze presented, stand at FCFA 15,348.933 of the total budgetary sum. 



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