2020 Finance Bill : Gov’t Unveils Priority Areas

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute before members of National Assembly on November 29, 2019 presented government’s economic, financial, social and cultural programme for 2020.

The Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute has presented the government of Cameroon’s economic, financial, social and cultural programme for the 2020 financial year. The Prime Minister presented the plan for his first time following his appointment on January 4, 2019 as Head of Government. According to the presentation of the Prime Minister, government’s daft projections for 2020 stand at FCFA 4 thousand 951 billion 700 million against FCFA 5 thousand 212 billion in 2019, representing a decrease of FCFA 260 billion 300 million in absolute value and five per cent in relative value. The plan presented shortly after the organisation of the major national dialogue seeks inclusive development nationwide.
As concerns priority areas, the programme indicates focus will be directed at the organisation of the 2020 African Nations Championship and the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, the organisation of the February twin elections and the completion of earmarked developmental projects.  In the area of territorial governance, government will according to the programme, pursue the establishment of civil protection structures and finalise studies on the legal and institutional reform of the national civil protection system. As concerns decentralisation, priority will be given to fast-tracking the process and implementation of the Special Status of the North West and South West Regions as instructed by the President of the Republic following the Major National Dialogue. Strict budgetary discipline and a further reduction of public expenditures, the Prime Minister stated, will be observed with regards to public finances.
Regarding petroleum and gas products, government plans amongst other things to begin reconstruction works on the damaged units of SONARA and the construction of distribution points for petroleum products in rural areas. Commissioning several solar power plants and distribution lines as part of the project to electricity 184 localities will be embarked on in the area of renewable energy. Sewage treatment, supplying portable water to nine towns and extending the road network system in the country hope to be realized in prelude to the 2020 African Nations Championship. Implementing the strategic plan for a digital Cameroon by 2020 and finalizing works to update the industrialisation master plan of the mines and industry sector as prescribed by the President of the Republic are other projects the programme envisages to accomplish in 2020. Improving agriculture, education, women empowerment and youth employment are all well elaborated in the programme Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute presented at the National Assembly. 



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