Chinese As Major Consumers of Tourist Attractions

Most historical sites and achievements of Chinese are quickly documented and preserved for generations to admire.

Moving round tourist sites which cover most towns and villages in the People’s Republic of China, one gets away with the impression that they are always visiting. Their numbers and desire to give meaning to all their symbols and enable generations of Chinese to maintain the attitude of love for country, probity and progress make them to encourage every initiative that can ensure their unique identity. From the Great Wall of China said to be over 800 years old and the only place on earth that is visible from the moon, to community development initiatives and cultural and historical relics, the people adore admiring the achievements of their national and local leaders over the years. In localities like the Fishing village of Xiaqi, the story of the recent past has been carefully captured in pictures, videos and other illustrations at their social centre for the people to always recall where they came from and how the Communist Party of China under President Xi Jinping has been helpful to them. The same divinities like green dragon, white tiger, vermilion birds and black tortoise were in some dynasties like the Tangs highly respected and today attract crowds daily.

Even hairstyles like Jiangxi-style hair embroidery are exhibited at Jiangxi to recall the work of Mrs Tao Yonghong, 17th generation successor of the Jiangxistyle hair embroidery. Drawings, carvings and other handicrafts conceived by the population are carefully documented and perpetuated in museums and arts galleries for Chinese families to visit and be sure of regular leisure periods.

Thus, folktales of Chinese people and their present-day progress do not exist in disorder. Everything is carefully planned and with the help of experts, members of local communities transform their talents into beneficial arts works for themselves and their communities. Thereby making a living and permitting the many tourists who admire their creativity to be able to spend quality time. And if you see Chinese from a certain age bracket, especially the ageing dancing by the lakeside, do not think that there is an event. They are simply out as a happy group of individuals ready to savour the beauty that nature and the society have endowed them with. Some of the choicest attractions in China in the image of the Ningde Poverty Exhibition Village have virtually been erected to world class infrastructure with exotic and trendy pictures of the evolution of the administrative locality in Fujian Province which 40 years ago was not at that level of administrative governance. Today, the locality proudly carries an international status with investments and arts works that have transformed the hitherto rural community into a world-class business and cultural hub.



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