New Dressing for Buildings

Buildings are now covered with metallic sheets instead of tiles as was in the past.

As technology improves so too does the technic and material for constructing houses change with time. As such construction companies have moved from using tiles to decorate the external facades of buildings to using metallic sheets made from aluminum. The use of the metallic sheets is not only cost effective but also aesthetically more beautiful. After construction, hinges are fitted directly on the blocks on which the metallic sheets are affixed. No room for plaster or too much use of cement in affixing tiles.

The sheets are of various colours and offers a vista of possibilities for decoration from designers and easy to clean when dirty as opposed to tiles or plastered walls. This novelty in gradually changing the urban landscape and makes it easy for new buildings to be differentiated from old ones. Even some old buildings are renovated and the new metallic sheets affixed. This innovation offers an opportunity for business for the national aluminum company, Alucam which can make brisk business by supplying theses sheets which for now are imported.

The innovations in building construction is not only in terms of using metallic sheets to cover the external part of the building, the window and door frames equally made from aluminum are also in vogue as people no longer use frames made from wood. Louvers are also gradually giving way to giant glasses at times tinted to the taste of the customer. Undulated iron sheets are equally giving way to new broader and stronger roofing sheets of all colours. As concerns the interior of renovated old buildings, instead of using plywood, constructors now use a material made from a mixture of plastic and aluminum which is more presentable. Even window shades are made from plastic curbing the use of window blinds especially in offices



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