Congo Basin Forest Partnership : NGOs Seek Harmonisation of Operations

This was in a meeting during the day of the civil society in Douala on December 18.

On the heels of the expert meeting on the follow up of the N’Djamena conference, was a day dedicated to the civil society during which NGOs involved in the conservation of the Congo Basin Forest sought ways of harmonising their actions on the field for a greater impact. Presiding at the opening ceremony, Cameroon’s Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Jules Doret Ndongo, said with the partial destruction of the Amazon forest by wildfires, the Congo Basin forest, the second lung of the world, is of utmost importance in preventing global warming. He said with the bottom to top system of governance, NGOs play the role of relay channelling the concerns of the riverine population to government. He urged the NGOs to encourage income generating activities so as to reduce the carbon imprint on the forest.
The Facilitator of the CBFP and Belgian minister of State, Francois-Xavier de Donnea, said dialogue between government and the civil society is indispensable in the conservation effort. He said the civil society should play the role of a whistle blower and also make concrete proposals.
Other speakers included the Congolese minister of Forest Economy, Rosalie Matondo, urged participants to adhere to the ‘Brazzaville road map’ as the instrument on its implementation is already out spelling out measures for the financing of income generating activities. The assistant Secretary General said the recommendations of the meeting will lay the groundwork of future conservation policies.
The meeting which took place on the theme “the Congo Basin forest at cross-roads; between conservation management and sustainable development climate change and investment in the forest milieu; the role of the civil society and the expectation of riverine communities” with the to present the proposals of the civil society and riverine communities within the context of participatory management of the conservation effort.



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