Music : SOS Over Growing Scars Of Witchcraft

Ben Zolo’s latest master single, “Bloody Land,” revisits the ravages of sorcery in Africa.

Believe it or not, witchcraft is real. And the impact on victims can be devastating. Very devastating! In many Cameroonian communities - and in Africa in general - the problem of witchcraft has in recent years attained alarming proportions. The situation has been compounded by the raging civil conflict in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions of North West and South West that has claimed thousands of lives. Displacing hundreds of thousands of others.
So serious is the problem that an artiste, Kinang Seidu Nfor, also known as Ben Zolo, has devoted a song to the killing spree. Entitled “Bloody Land,” the master single was released in December 2019. Ben Zolo, who hails from Jirt in Ndu Subdivision, Donga-Mantung Division of the North West Region, in the Zouk-like track done in Limbum language, revisits the scars left on community people by the heinous practice of witchcraft. 
He recounts the growing incidents of lynching to death and public executions by some Ambazonian fighters of people allegedly accused of involvement in sorcery. As a result, more young people are dying today than their elders, a situation the artiste partly attributes to witchcraft. 
Amongst the heart-rending lyrics of “Bloody Land” are sentences such as: “People are being killed for nothing!” “Witchcraft is destroying us, tearing us apart,” “Pick up your Bibles and preach the Word of God!” “Wimbum people, what is happening to us?” Other lyrics are: “Our ancestors, see what has befallen us!” “Our tears keep flowing with no one to wipe,” “Many have fled their homes because of witchcraft,” “Young people are dying more than their elders,” and, “Where will our offspring run to?”
Ben Zolo already has to his credit three albums: “Soamba-abi” (We were together), “Wawa” (Vulture), “Heritage;” and five master single songs in 10 years of career. He is still searching for a producer and is yet to fix a date for the launch of “Bloody Land.” A song that tells of a truly bloody situation. Requiring urgent – very urgent - measures.



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