National Universities Recruitment : 164 Ph.D Holders To Beef-Up UB Teaching Strength

They will be dishing out lectures across all the establishments of the institution.

All the 11 establishments that make up the University of Buea (UB) will henceforth witness some fresh and rigorous teaching. This follows the apportioning of its own quota of 164 Ph.D holders in the National Universities Recruitment of 2000 Ph.D holders. They shall dish out knowledge to learners in Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters, College of Technology, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Laws and Political Science, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture, Faculty of Social and Management Science, and the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College seated in Kumba. Ngomo Horace Manga, Ph.D, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, sees the allocating of the 164 newly recruited to his insti
tution as a blessing and relief. That the new recruits will simply take up courses that experienced understaffing. “Before the recruitment, the understanding was that UB was understaffed. How useful will they be to UB? They will simply take up the courses that experienced understaffing. So they are going to support the staff who were handling all those courses. The coming of the newl recruits is going to also save a lot of the University funds which were previously used to pay part time lecturers,” he pointed out. Given that UB is a growing University and it is also expanding its programmes, the Vice Chancellor said that it is a welcome decision by the Head of State to recruit 2,000 Ph.D holders with UB having its own quota which is going to be of great help. He noted that the University of Buea doors are open to receive the new recruits. They simply have to follow the guidelines laydown in the public service code to assume work. That the coming of the 164 assistant lecturers will soar UB’s current teaching staff that stands over 400 lecturers to somewhat 600. The institution has a student population in the neigbourhood of 20,000.



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