Ending Conflict In NW/SW : Women Group Continues Stategising For Peace

They are still calling on those in the bushes with arms to return home and give peace a chance.

The Cameroon Women’s Peace Moment (CAWOPEM) is appealing to all mothers in the North West and South West Regions to caution their children on the importance of peace and to request those in the bushes with arms to drop them and return home. That peace is needed in Cameroon for whatever governance issue that needs to be treated and problems that exist should be handled in a peaceful environment. The peace movement recounted horrors that have been perpetuated in the North West and South West Regions such as rapes, killings, displacement, burning of houses, kidnapping for ransom, ghost schools etc and said that it is time for mothers to stand up for these ills to end. Members presented worrisome data on the effect of the crisis on the two regions. It was noted that the crisis has pushed 850,000 children out of schools. Of the over 400 State schools in the South West Region, only 91 are functioning. They equally noted a huge number of internally displaced persons and refugees. Agbor Meg, South West Chair of CAWOPEM said that women suffered the most in the face of the upheaval. “Women, these are your children committing these heinous crimes. Let us stand up and talk to them. Whatever the problems are, we can talk them out. Let us resolve our problems in an amicable fashion and peaceful manner. Violence has never solved any problem,” she appealed. Meg noted that when violence started, women were quiet and it soared. But the moment women started denouncing it, the violence is ebbing out. She prayed that more women join the train for them to completely eradicate the violence.  Dr. Dorothy Forsac, National Coordinator of CAWOPEM sees a solid and sustainable peace prospect with women on board. The women have set up Focal Points in Divisions, planned to meet twice a year for evaluation, use traditional and social media to silence the guns. The meeting in Buea on December 20, 2019, wrapped up CAWOPEM South West General Assembly



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