Echos d'Elecam : Voters’ Lists All Ready

The lists constitute the names of 6,851,128 eligible voters for the February polls nationwide.

The national electoral register by polling station and by region is ready. The lists have already been printed by Elections Cameroon (ELECAM). This is in accordance with the Electoral Code in its Section 80 which states that at the end of the revision exercise, and based on the documents and data provided by the Regional Branches of Elections Cameroon, the Director General of Elections shall draw up and publish the national electoral register, no later than 30 December. In that light, following modifications on deaths, transfers and lose of voter’s eligibility, ELECAM has compiled and printed lists of 6, 851,128 voters who are eligible to cast their votes in 26,229 polling stations in the ten regions of the country.

As concerns the lists of candidates for the twin elections, ELECAM officials revealed all lists of candidates for legislative elections are ready. They noted every decision from the Constitutional Council had been respected and all rejected or re-established lists taken into consideration. With regards to the lists of candidates for the municipal elections, they (ELECAM) said the lists are not yet ready for obvious reasons. Going by the information given to Cameroon Tribune, they are waiting on the rulings of the various regional administrative courts following the different petitions examined. Unfortunate situations like the deaths of some invested candidates which the law gives room for a replacement (Section of 188 of the Electoral Code) make it difficult for the lists to have been published. The respective lists of candidates, they noted, will be published within the stipulated timeframe before the campaigns and the polls after the replacement of such candidates. For the printing of ballot papers, those for the municipal elections are ready. The Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation (SOPECAM) which was given the responsibility of printing ballot papers for five political parties (CPDM, SDF, UNDP, ADD and FSNC) has already done the printing. The dispatching of electoral material from the Yaounde Air Force Base 101 to the different regions for subsequent installation in the various polling stations is far advanced. Officials at the elections management body said they intended to finish with the dispatching of electoral material before concentrating on the printing of ballot papers, an activity which they term sensitive and should be done in strict respect of the laws in force.



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