Cocoa and Coffee: AGROPOLE Project To Enhance Processing, Marketting

The FCFA 3.4 billion project for the North West Region was launched on November 25, 2016.


A new chapter has opened for the coffee and cocoa sub sectors in the North West Region with the launching of the Regional Development Economic Programme for the Promotion of Medium and Large-scale Enterprises within the Rural Sector in Cameroon (AGROPOLE). The project will enhance production, processing and marketing of coffee and cocoa. Farmers of the North West Cooperative Association, (NWCA) sang and danced on November 25, 2016 when the National Coordinator of AGROPOLE, Adrian Ngo’o Bitomo and the management of the NWCA endorsed an agreement to give the sector a chance. The project seeks to improve the livelihoods of coffee and cocoa farming communities along the value chain.

The AGROPOLE project was launched in 2015, its coordinator revealed. He said the FCFA 3,393,062,435 allocation for the NWCA is intended to stimulate growth in the rural economy, double agricultural production by 2020, improve re-distribution of income and consequently contribute  towards alleviating poverty. Adrian Ngo’o Bitomo stressed that it is a project of hope to take Cameroon towards an emerging economy by 2035. AGROPLOE’s development priority arrears includes, development of access to land, selection, training and supervision of project holders, mechanization of production and processing operations, access to finance and induction of actors, transport and marketing infrastructure etc.

The President of NWCA, Helen Nchangnwi said AGROPOLE comes to the North West as a blessing to the organization’s  efforts to acquire and install coffee equipment to produce soluble (instant coffee), away from insoluble coffee which NWCA produces. The association will also benefit from access roads to coffee washing stations, water supply and the provision of electricity and 75 KVA transformer at the Momo Area Cooperative Union. The organization impacts the lives of over 245,000 spread across all the 34 sub divisions of the region.




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