G o v ’ t s A c h i e v e m e n t s i n N W / S W : Buea, Limbe Hotels As Windows Of Cameroon

The South West Region can boast of splendid hotels that meet international standards thanks to the the New Deal

The South West Region enjoys state-owned ho- tels that speak for the hospitality of Cameroon. Such facilities include the Mountain Hotel and the Parliamentarian Flats in the Regional capital, Buea. These are state-owned hotels which have been renovated and given the international standard. The Buea-based Parliamentarian Flats Hotel with a capacity that was raised during the last female Cup of nations in 2016 to 76 rooms has engaged in thorough cleaning of the environment. According to their General Manager, Thaddeus Nfor, their qualified staff and their state-ofthe art construction are a jewel in Buea. Meanwhile, the Mountain Hotel which equally hosted officials, delegations and teams from other countries during the 2016 African Female Cup can boast of its Four Star-status. Added to it are a gamut of facilities like swimming pool, spicy restaurant, gym, conference room and a welltrained staff. The hotel industry is equally attractive in Limbe where the state has invested hundreds of CFA millions to renovate the Atlantic Beach hotel, a Four-Star height. Visitors to the South West have basically nothing to envy from other African big cities when they check in at the Atlantic Beach or other privately owned hotels. In addition to the beautiful scenery along the sea shore, guests from all corners of the globe find sprees in sight-seeing, fish eating, a welcoming population and comfortable surroundings. The Ministry of Tourism and Leisure has often organised seminars to train hotel staff on the crucial needs of appropriate reception. In this way they invest in the hospitality of Cameroonians as well as create jobs for that sector. Peoples and nations are judged from their hospitality through lodging in hotels or in private homes. Cameroon has until now enjoyed that fame of hospitality with its hotels as windows to the rest of the world.



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