North West : CPDM Counts Achievements

Erstwhile Prime Minister Philemon Yang told the electorate that a vote for the governing party will also be a vote for a successful decentralisation.

Over FCFA 120 billion has been secured to finance the complete construction of the Ring Road, the provision of a Special Status with a Regional House of Representatives and the House of Chiefs and the allocation of more money from the national budget to councils in the North West, among many others, were some of the achievements of the governing party enumerated during a CPDM campaign launch in Bamenda at the Ayaba Hotel over the weekend. The erstwhile Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, who heads the team to the North West Region, said the twin Municipal and Legislative elections are very key polls, noting that the year 2020 is an election year of great importance for the party because it is going to usher in the Special Status which is important for the North West Region. It is also prelude to the regional election and this is going to change the way we function.

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The Special Status, he explained, has a content which cannot be contested; it is full, very promising, gives more authority to the councils. The electorate, he urged, to vote the CPDM because the party candidates and him and his party share the same vision, aspiration and ambition. The candidates are considered to be the architects of the new vision of local governance that makes the municipality a determining factor in the quality of life, both democratically and economically, by giving the people full responsibility over their own destiny.

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