ELECAM Multiplies Mobilisation Strategies

Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) has been using the media, flyers, panels and music to communicate in order to entice electors to vote in the council and legislative elections.

As February 9, 2020, the day for the legislative and council elections draws nearer, the elections managing institution, Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) has been multiplying strategies to mobilise all electoral stakeholders to ensure transparent, credible elections. The institution has published the map indicating the electoral constituencies and political parties running for the legislative election. It reveals details in all the regions that include the number of constituencies, councils, seats in the National Assembly, political parties running, number of polling stations and the total number of electors. The map states that there is a total of 26, 271 polling stations in the country with a total of 6,855, 274 electors.

Elections Cameroon has also published panels both in French and English that call on electors to go and vote. The panels also carry the toll free telephone number; 1508 and SMS; 8111 users can call for any required information and equally states the voting period. The panels bear messages that condemn destruction, insults, verbal and physical violence, intimidation, threats and fake news. All the social strata of people in the society as well as those with disabilities are used in the mobilisation messages. Music is equally an important component of the mobilisation strategies. Emphasis is laid on the importance of voting and the various procedures in voting. Information from the Directorate General of Elections at ELECAM states the active involvement of the Cameroonian musician Mathematik. It publishes the calendar of the mobilisation tours the musician has to undertake throughout the national territory during the campaign period. Flyers and other communication gadgets are fully used by ELECAM. Through them, the institution demonstrates the measures taken to ensure that people living with all sorts of disabilities cast their votes.



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