Proclamation of Legislative Election Results : Constitutional Council Has Till February 29

The Constitutional Council according to the Electoral Code in Section 168 (1) ensures the regularity of the election of Members of Parliament and shall proclaim the results within a maximum period of 20 days with effect from the date of closure of polls. With the legislative elections having taken place on February 9, 2020, the Council therefore has till February 29, 2020 to officially proclaim the results of the election. Article 136 of the Electoral Code further states the decisions of the Constitutional Council relating to elections, election results and candidatures shall be final. The report on the conduct of electoral operations and the proclamation of results shall be prepared by the Constitutional Council in four copies. It shall file the original copy and forward the other copies to the Ministry in charge of Territorial Administration, the National Assembly and the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon. 
Ahead of the proclamation of the legislative election results, judges of the Constitutional Council are publicly examining petitions filled before the Council by candidatures and political parties who participated in the election. This is in accordance with Section 132 (2) of the above mentioned Code which says the Constitutional Council shall rule on all petitions filed by any candidate, political party which took part in the election or any person serving as a representative of the administration for the election, requesting the total or partial cancellation of election operations. The Council therefore has to examine and rule on all petitions filled before them before proceeding to the proclamation of the results of the election of Members of Parliament. 



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