Civil Status Registry : Stakeholders Concert For Better Dynamism

The objective is ensuring a complete, integrated and reliable civil status system.

Officials of the central and external services of the National Civil Status Registration Office, (BUNEC) meeting in Yaounde on February 20, 2020 in an annual gathering have brainstormed on improving the civil status registry in Cameroon. Presided at by the General Manager of BUNEC, Yomo Alexandre Marie, deliberations at the meeting focused on the activities of BUNEC last year, an evaluation of ongoing projects, the state and perspectives of the modernisation plan of the civil status registry as well as projections for 2020.
Presenting the major axes of BUNEC’s action plan, the General Manager said they will continue the follow-up of activities of the Universal Birth Registration Project, achieved with the support of UNICEF, and the continuous evaluation of PBF project activities with the World Bank. 
Yomo Alexandre Marie further explained for BUNEC to better attain its objectives, evaluations have been carried out by personnel and operational basis outlined. “The first pillar focused on the collection of information which enabled us to establish the cartography of the civil status registry and today we have 374 principal centres and 2,400 secondary centres of BUNEC across the national territory,” he stated, adding regional agencies have been operational since December 2017. Institutional and judicial reforms, communication and capacity building, construction, and the modernisation of the civil status system are other pillars the General Manager highlighted are being improved upon. 
As per why there still exist so many children without birth certificates in the Eastern and Northern regions of Cameroon, the BUNEC General Manager said their findings revealed most babies are born out of the hospital. “If these children are all delivered in the hospital, the process of registering births and establishing certificates will be easier,” he said.



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