Showcasing Cultural Prowess : Lebialem Launches Activities

The ceremony of the Conlecuda cultural festival took place on Saturday, 29 February 2020 at the Multipurpose Sport Complex in Yaounde.

Guests, traditional authorities, Ministers and other officials were present to celebrate the first edition of the Confederation of Lebialem Cultural and Development Association (Conlecuda) under the motto “One Mami, One Papa”. Ngu traditional dance performed by Fons, notables and elite dressed in traditional attire marked the beginning of the ceremony. Followed by the national anthem sang by ladies of Lebialem in their respective mother tongues, prayer and blessings were also done. The ceremony took place in their presence of the Minister of Arts and Culture, Bidoung Mkpatt, and the Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Paul Tasong, son of Lebialem; also promoter of the event.
In order to promote the socio-cultural development of Lebialem people in Yaounde, the Conlecuda mini-cultural Jamboree brought together sons and daughters of Lebialem in general and Alou Fondoms in particular to display their rich and diversified culture and tradition. The event served as a mobilizing factor, bringing culture close to children and enhancing peaceful co-existence. The core of the festival was dance and songs presented in sessions with interlude of brief speeches from organizing committee, Conlecuda Patrons. Nine performances were presented lasting ten minutes each with six from Alou Fondoms and three from women who were rewarded accordingly. During the ceremony, it was also the occasion for people of Lebialem to launch the Conlecuda book which has the different activities led so far through the culture, traditional dishes that were displayed at the ceremony. Subsequently, authorities, chiefs and senators brought their financial support for that launch in order to also overcome the difficulties faced by the people of Lebialem and their culture.    
Taking the floor, Paul Tasong, son of Lebialem and also promoter of the event said, “The people of Lebialem are celebrating their culture, their heritage, one thing that brings them together. People of Lebialem committed that they are part of the one and indivisible country. “We have to play our role by first of all consolidating love, peace and unity” he said. The Minister of Arts and Culture, Bidoung Mkpatt on behalf of the Prime Minister, manifested his support during the celebration and thanked the organisers for the lofty initiative that will go a long way to strengther our bounds and enhance the priceless quest for national integration.



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