Bamenda City Council : Hygiene, Sanitation First

A new chapter has opened for metropolitan Bamenda with the pioneer City Mayor; Paul Tembeng Achombang setting priorities for the City to become the master of it's own development.*

From the look of things; the City of Bamenda has suffered in the face of the ongoing socio-political and security crisis rocking the North West region. Inhabitants are in pain for losing opportunities, loved ones and property, blamed on the violence that is not helping matters for a return to normalcy. This is the Bamenda that the pioneer City Mayor, Paul Tembeng Achombang has been elected to chart a way forward for its development. The young, 21st century City Mayor is in command and from the look of things, he is fully aware of the challenges of leading a city whose inhabitants will not hesitate to denounce any injustice.
Paul Achombang is also a Minister of the church who believes that cleanliness is close to Godliness. That is why his priority project is to have a city that is clean. He acknowledges that Bamenda is dirty and needs the total mobilization of inhabitants to give the city a face lift in hygiene and sanitation. On March 9th 2020, he led a team that went clearing a stream of garbage in the Abangoh neighborhood in his preparedness to clean the city and prevent disease infection. The path has been charted. But not before healing the pains and frustrations of inhabitants. It is also clear on the City Mayor's agenda that the city council needs to reconcile with the population to regain what he describes as its lost image. He also believes in the need for inhabitants to forgive and reconcile with one another. 
Away from that, the  City Mayor recently mobilized the  city council board to be open minded and available with collective efforts to give Bamenda a new lease of life. His development strategies features a poverty alleviation strategy that inspires hope, creation of new roads and maintenance of existing  ones, an alternative source of energy supply, regular flow of water and a return to night life where business activities are alive. The Mayor has a dream for a city that is brighter and better tomorrow 



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