Legislative Elections Re-run : CPDM Relaunches Campaigns In Bamenda

Philemon Yang has told militants and sympathisers of the party that victory on March 22, 2020 will build a great Cameroon.

CPDM campaign bigwigs to the North West have all joined their voices to call on the population to give the governing party a sweeping victory in the forthcoming municipal and parliamentary elections re-run in the region.
In his campaign speech at the Bamenda Congress Hall Thursday, Philemon Yang, head of the regional campaign team of the CPDM to the North West, flanked by Paul Atanga Nji and Adolphe Lele Lafrique and other party officials, cautioned the electorate to make responsible choices, noting that "the choices we make today will define us in future." He went further to call on the people to not vote any political party which is encouraging violence but that all should cast their votes for the CPDM which, he said, was the choice of the people of Cameroon, a choice of the future. To him, the campaign itself was a moment to celebrate two major achievements: decentralisation in Cameroon and Special Status which the North West and South West now enjoy.
He highlighted the numerous advantages of the Special Status and called on the people to vote the party in order for them to be the stewards of these new structures.
It is worth noting that election will be held again on March 22, 2020 only in the constituencies of Menchum-North, Bui-West, Mezam-South, Bui-South, Bui-Centre, Mezam-Centre, Momo-East, Menchum-South, Momo-West, Mezam-North where election results were contested and annulled.
On February 25, the Constitutional Council annulled the parliamentary elections of February 9, 2020 in 11 constituencies in the North-West and South-West regions.



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