Molestation Of A Non-Commissioned Officer in Garoua : Government Denounces, Gives Clarification

Hereunder is a press release from the Minister of Communication.

The Government of the Republic of Cameroon hereby informs the public that on Friday, the 13th of March, 2020 at about 1 :30pm, a Non-Commissioned Officer of the National Gendarmerie serving at the 3rd Gendarmerie Region in Garoua, in the North, was violently molested by supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party (CRM), members of the delegation of the leader of the said political party, while on transit through the town of Garoua.

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The images relaying these acts of incredible violence exerted against the personnel of the National Defence and Security Forces have been largely disseminated over the social media since the occurrence of this inadmissible incident.

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Without any remorse, talk less of any regrets with regards to the gravity of the act committed, some militants of the said political party have inadvertently tried to justify this assault perpetrated against the personnel of the National Gendarmerie by alleging that the former had tried to undermine the physical integrity of their political party leader.

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ln any case, the information crosschecked by competent specialized services confirms in an incontestable manner that the abused Staff Sergeant and some of his colleagues were regularly assigned on a classic intelligence gathering mission in conformity with the professional usage and prerogatives of rights vested on the Law Enforcement Forces and was not in any way assigned to attempt on the life of the CRM leader

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Moreover, it should be emphasized that the concemed Non-Commissioned Officer was circulating by means of his service motorcycle to make his way through the crowd, which is often the case on such circumstances, when he was attacked.

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With assurance and calmness, he immediately declined his identity and his professional status. To his greatest surprise, the militants of the CRM political party will rush on him and without the least restrain, will seize his gun.

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It is worth precising that in strict respect of the rules governing the missions of the Defence and Security Forces, this Non-Commissioned Officer of the National Gendarmerie did not or try to make use of his service gun, which was carefully arranged in its case during the incident.

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The government strongly condemns such deliberate acts of violence against a law enforcement representative while exercising his functions and vehemently denounces all these false, which some actors of the political class tirelessly make use of, with a clearly stated purpose to manipulate or instrumentalize national and international opinion.

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Moreover, an investigation has been prescribed by the High Command and conducted by the North Gendarmerie Legion so as to establish responsibilities in conformity with the laws and regulations of the Republic.”

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Yaounde, on the 14th of March, 2020

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(s) René Emmanuel SADI

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The Minister of Communication

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