National Assembly : Elected MPs Receive Attributes Today

The solemn ceremony will take place at the Ngoa-Ekelle National Assembly House Chamber on March 16, 2020.

Today, March 16, 2020 will mark a turning point and history in the lives of the 167 substantive candidates the Constitutional Council declared elected as Members of the National Assembly in the twin legislative and municipal elections of February 9, 2020. It will also be a turning point in the just beginning legislative period of the National Assembly.
Following a press release signed by the Deputy Secretary General No.1 of the National Assembly, Abdoulaye Daouda, the substantive candidates declared elected will in a plenary sitting this March 16, 2020 that begins at 10 a.m.  be handed over their attributes.
The solemn plenary sitting will be presided at by the provisional bureau headed by the eldest member, Koa Mfegue Laurentine epse Mbede assisted by the youngest members, Nafiassatou Alim  and Dague Aisha Blanche Jacqueline. Today’s event will be a logical conclusion of the statutory ordinary session of the National Assembly that started on March 10, 2020. At the close of the opening plenary sitting chaired by the eldest member of the House Koa Mfegue Laurentine epse Mbede, six Verification Boards were constituted to check the files of the MPs elect to ascertain their mandates. The verification boards did their work on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 and adopted their reports the following day with the conclusion that all the 167 substantive candidates declared elected in the legislative poll were qualified to be Members of the National Assembly. The report therefore paved the way for today’s plenary sitting devoted to the solemn handing over of their attributes.
Indeed, after the ceremony, the 167 substantive candidates will become the people’s representatives empowered with sashes, insignia and the distinctive stickers for their vehicles. It is only when they must have received full attributes as Members of the National Assembly that a permanent bureau to run the affairs of the House for the 2020 legislative year would be elected.
In the meantime, the remaining 13 Members of the National Assembly will be elected in the legislative by-election of Sunday, March 22, 2020. The by-election in 11 constituencies, 10 of them in the Mezam, Bui, Menchum and Momo Divisions of the North West Region and one in the Lebialem constituency in the South West Region was ordered by the Constitutional Council when it cancelled the legislative elections therein. When the 13 MPs must have been elected, Cameroon’s National Assembly will be complete as it has 180 members.



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