Moungo : MINADER Visits Agricultural Projects

He visited vegetable, plantain, white pepper, pineapple and banana plantations as well as coffee and white pepper processing units.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural development, Gabriel Mbairobe on Thursday March 12, 2020 visited some agricultural projects in the Moungo Division. The visit took him to a coffee processing unit in Nkongsamba, IRAD antenna in Mbouroukou, a women run vegetable plantation in Melong-Black water, a mixed plantain and white pepper plantation in Kolla, Protal and UNAPAC pineapple plantations in N’lohé and the PHP banana plantation in Penja.
However, the most interesting stop of the Minister was at the Coopaferlos Plantation created by an association of women from the South West, Littoral and West regions, involved in the large scale production of tomatoes, pepper, cabbage, huckleberry but also process roots lights ginger into powder that can be used for cooking and sweet drinks. As their membership and production keep increasing, the women requested for assistance saying they want to move to the next level which is that of processing. While promising to see into their demands, the Minister offered them farm inputs such as watering cans, helmets, wheelbarrows, dickers, twines, fertilisers and other items.
Another outstanding stop was at the UNAPAC cooperative involved in the large scale production and processing of plantains, white pepper popularly known as “Poivre de Penja” and pineapples. Not only does UNAPAC produce and process these crops, they also carry out research of developing new varieties and better methods of seed multiplication, produce bakery flower from plantains and sweet potatoes. They also produce paper-like bags from plantain stems which can help solve the problem of biodegradable packaging bags.
At the Synergy Nord-Sud factory, it was a question of processing coffee to finished products for export and the local market to curtail the problem of drop in price of the crop in the international market. IRAD antenna at Mbouroukou presented the various works they have been carrying out with the farmers in the area concerning seed multiplication and new production techniques. The particularity of the N’lohé Protal pineapple plantation is that it is owned by youths who inherited land from their parents and decided to come together to put up a 10-hectar banana plantation and are thinking to expand the business to the Centre Region owing to their success. The results of the white pepper processing unit in Penja needs not to be mentioned as “Poivre de Penja” is a certified trade mark by its geographical location and rated to be one of the best in the world.
Curiously at the PHP plantation, the Minister was not presented bananas but a chocolate factory and the process of producing chocolate from cocoa beans.



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