Environmental and Social Assessment : Stakeholders Share Notes

The assessment process will give ’’Gaz du Cameroun’’ first hand information on the needs of the people concerned.

The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for exploration/ appraisal drilling and early field development within the onshore “Matanda Block”, in the Douala sedimentary basin is currently going on. In effect the drilling project to be carried out by Gaz du Cameroun will involved the Littoral and the South West region precisely in Bekoko in the Dibonbari Sub division and Miselele in the Tiko sub division of the South West region.
In relation to this, a meeting was organized by Gas du Cameroun on March 4, 2020 in Douala aimed at education the stakeholders and to explain the ESIA process to them. It was also to get their contribution on the project so as to make amendments when the project will finally go operational. The project to be carried out by Gaz du Cameroon company will involved the drilling of an appraisal well to target gaz and boost their production that will meet up with the high demand. While chairing the meeting the governor of the Littoral region Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua called on Gaz du Cameroun and the stakeholders concerned to consider the population whose lives will be affected in one way or the other by the project.
The environmentalist from ’’Gaz du Cameroun’’, Juliet Taza-Asaba, explained that the meeting will enable them get first hand information on the needs and expectation of the population. “We will use their ideas to shape the assessment and work for the benefit of all”, she added. Juliet Taza-Asaba said the project will involved drilling of at least two wells to fine gaz that will be linked up to their system.
According to the representative of CIME Services (company carrying out the assessment), Nkerbu Presley Nfor, the assessment is out to evaluate the positive and negative impact of the project on the environment and the community concerned. He said after the drilling of the exploration well, Gaz du Cameroun will also construct a pipeline to link to their other system which will produce industrial gaz.
Meanwhile the representative from SNH, Adolph Ballo explained that the Environmental and Social assessment is in line the Rio Declaration of 1992, and the national environment and   petroleum framework of 1996 which compels all petroleum companies to carry out environmental assessment before the beginning of any project.



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