Manyu Division : Four Mayors Take Oath Of Office

They pledge in the court before man to discharge their duty in accordance with the law and the fear of God.

Four Mayors in Manyu Division elected during the February 9, 2020, Municipal and Legislative Elections have been sworn into office. The ritual was performed at the Mamfe Court of First Instance by the President of the Court, Magistrate Ngwayi Lucy epse Eyong on Wednesday March 18, 2020. The Mayors are Ashu Priestly Ojong of Mamfe Council, Ekwalle Martin Ekwalle of Akwaya Council, Etchu John Eyong of Tinto Council and Itta Jack Ayamba of Eyumojock Council. One after another, they rose up their right hands and sworn that they shall conduct the affairs of their respective councils and serve the interest of all its inhabitants without discrimination or favouritism. That they shall discharge their duties in all loyalty and faithfulness as Civil Status Registrars in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Cameroon.
In swearing them, Magistrate Ngwayi Lucy advised on service, probity, intergrity, public interest over private interest in the discharge of their duties as managers and administrators of their various municipalities. On Civil Status issues, she warned against irregularities in drawing up of the Civil Status documents. In this direction she cited the issuing of two different birth certificates to one person with two different information.
Ashu Priestly Ojong sees the Oath Taking as an engagement with those that voted him. He is promising them to live up to their aspiration and deliver his campaign promises. Having taken the oath, he said he will do all that in strict compliance with all the rules and regulations governing local collectivity. That the swearing-in has handed to him the mantle to discharge his duty as the Mayor of Mamfe Council. 



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